SAP Business One Cost

SAP License Cost

The modular structure of the SAP business one license permits clients to license and pay for the functionality and capacity essential at any given time. In addition, the comprehensive and flexible software licensing SAP renders several deployment options and various licensing models to address clients' requirements.

Core Tenets To Understand Licensing Software from SAP

  • Software solution - It is about what you are licensing from our comprehensive selection of SAP software to meet diverse business requirements.
  • Deployment Options - It is to find how you deploy the SAP software, such as the on-premise, in a public cloud, or a hosted private cloud.
  • Licensing Models - Here, various models grant the customers to use the SAP software, including perpetual, subscription, or consumption.
SAP Business One Cost

SAP Business One Perpetual License Cost

A firm can purchase SAP business for only one one-time, depending on their license. However, buying individual permissions only covers part of the annual maintenance, which is necessary. It even includes bug fixes, software upgrades, and patch releases. 

Here, each package indulges one license; if you are about to buy multiple requests, then multiply the license cost by the total number of users.

The SAP business one pricing tiers of the one-time purchase includes


The professional user license gives the firm unlimited access to SAP business features such as financial Management, sales, customer management, purchasing, and inventory control. 


A limited user license offers limited access to a particular professional area. Moreover, financial employees would utilize the little support for SAP business one's financial accounting services. 


The cost-effective starter package renders access to five users. This package is started for startups and small businesses indulged in accounting, sales, orders, item management, and purchasing.

SAP Pricing Features In License Type

SAP business one cost includes a license, which offers a suite for integrated applications that covers the upcoming business processes.

  • Financial Management is highly designed to streamline the back office, track assets, and control budgets.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is designed to manage sales opportunities from start to finish.
  • Procurement & Inventory helps the buyers and inventory managers sync for the process. 
  • Production Planning mainly assists with costing methods, bin management, and MRP.
  • Business Intelligence gives executives and Management a 360-degree view of the client's business.

Your exclusive access to each module entirely depends on the entire license type.

Some Depending Factors of SAP B1 License Cost

  • Number of users accessing SAP business one
  • Setup for single or multiple companies
  • Total number of modules or functional areas that are covered
  • Single or multi-warehouse
  • Requirement of non-standard reports
  • Integration essential for third-party applications
  • Requirement for data conversions
  • Need for user-specific documentation and many more

Types of SAP Business One Software License

The types of licenses will differ based on the small, medium, and large enterprises. Here, given certain types help in reducing the overall costs.

Starter Pack Licenses

This incense benefits businesses such as a firm with around 1 to 5 users. It is one of the lite versions of SAP business, indulging factors like accounting, sales order, item management, and purchasing but never includes service or manufacturing.

Professional or Limited Licenses

Medium or big businesses with ten or more users highly benefit from these licenses. If you want to utilize SAP business functionality fully, then pursue any of these two licenses.

Key Factors That Contribute To The SAP Business One Cost

  • Software
  • Number of users
  • Add-ons
  •  Database
  • Maintenance costs
  • Consultants Expenses

Final Verdict

Hence, this article renders a better knowledge about SAP license cost. Including this for your business is more beneficial and brings value to your investment. 

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