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SAP Success Factors

SAP Success Factors

SAP Success factors simplify several strategies on HR departments, ensuring stronger retention on maintaining organizational culture. It aligns the workforce in an organization through flexible tools available for meeting objectives and goals within the determined time period. Employee engagement in every phase gets simplified through introducing best-supporting tools that take care of needs specified by them. With the implementation of this solution, complete business operations could be streamlined enabling HR team members to note down in and out activities occurring at enterprise delivering the highest results that exactly match the global requirements of an organization. The digitized solution provides a proven track record on employee performance through continuous monitoring of services offered by them scaling professional capabilities with ease.

Simplified Human Capital Management

HR workflow in an enterprise is simplified with an efficient employee central solution.

Workforce Analytics

Forecasting of enterprise metrics, employee performance, business partner details across varied dimensions on interactive HR analytics helps to influence talents and arrive at business decisions with ease.

Succession Management

Identification of talent and building up firm growth happens through a talent identification and accelerating development with mentoring programs available SAP HCM suite Success Factors.

Goal Management

Continuous measurement of employee activities allows tracking and reaching progress. With smart goal management managers can have greater control over defining and executing organizational goals.



One of the larger investments made by companies is put into providing compensation for employees. Based on the performance of employees talent management could be analyzed effectively ensuring to retain business leaders under a unified workforce. The set of features provided in this solution enables business leaders to sketch out their strategies and execute them by providing reliable compensation catered to talented professionals.


Smarter Budgeting

With real-time analytical tools, planning for enterprise operations could be managed with sustainable budgeting and balance between distinct strategies. With integrated solution allocation of the budget could be made on various aspects like financial status, employee performance ratio, etc thereby prioritizing budgeting across several dimensions ending in optimal compensation model.

Strategic Planning On Compensation

With SAP, different compensation programs enabling employees to be engaged and productive with innovative ideas for improving business performance could be defined reaching local and global market space effortlessly. By tying up worker’s actions with rewards ensures to arrive at trait decisions using several calibration tools.

Rewards And Recognition

Provide recognition to employees based on their contributions made for concern boosting up their overall productivity. By doing so, your employees could be maintained motivated and encouraged thereby segregating them under different categories utilizing their efforts in a smarter way withstanding cultural norms under specified criteria.


Build value-added relationships with every member of the workforce through HCM suite SAP Success Factors. Engage your external and permanent people to collaborate effectively and bring in new innovations delivering wonderful workspace transforming your business with reliable impact towards victory.



Execute Coordinated Business Strategy

With instant access to real-time insights, workforce management could be managed effectively ensuring to meet legal competencies in a smarter approach. With these factors, expectations of a broad amount of people could be handled effectively thereby raising employee engagement to the next higher level.

Derive Structure For Success

Automation of strategies on end-to-end processes supports the development of the agile organization. With SAP Success Factors employee and enterprise information could be handled effectively by HR team members upon which growth and respective outputs can be audited inappropriate graphical scale.

Engage People

Business goals could be reached at a defined time-space through easy-to-use tools that facilitate the designing of day-to-day events accurately to be posted by HR members. Contact management, recruitment, etc are handled continuously lifting up social collaboration. This system allows users to create their own real image of what they do empowering connections and communication across varied structures.

Real-Time Payroll Monitoring

SAP Success Factors totally reinvented payroll processing in the industry. Moving away from batch style processing towards a continuous payroll system results in continuous monitoring of payroll exceptions in order to meet policies simplifying tax calculations, holiday considerations, etc.


Reliable time tracking options available for mobile devices allows respective project members to track information about their group at any time whenever they are in need of it. Determining time-related information could be approved with simple and seamless integration.

Employee Time Management Made Simple

Absence policies have to be monitored accurately in order to record work hour timing without any errors. SAP Success Factors stays to be a single solution to track employee time transactions inconsistent method.

100% Employee Coverage

The entire workforce in an organization could be visualized clearly through a best breed cloud-based solution that provides details about labor costing and analysis across varied dimensions and branches so that forecasting and assigning of job roles go in a fine manner.


Sourcing and targeting of right candidates and offering them guidelines to take up their responsibilities are taken care of effectively with this system. Comprehensive applicant management and granting careers globally through automated job agents derive best practices for finding out a suitable set of intellects for your company.