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SAP ERP Solution Provider in Bangalore

Indus Novateur Softech Pvt Ltd is an authorized SAP Gold Partner and leading technology service and outsourcing partner for various companies across India and the Middle East. We are engaged to provide digital innovative solutions and services that will significantly enhance comprehensive industry-specific business capabilities and allow providing a wider array of corporate business services with various business verticals globally.

It has base customers of about 200+ customers and still growing. Indus Novateur is one of the leading channel partners across pan India offering business solutions on-premise and on-cloud. Indus Novateur offers tailor-made SAP solutions to various verticals based on industry-specific vertical to comprehensive key areas.

SAP Solutions

SAP S/4 HANA is an in-memory database designed for next-generation businesses. It’s a revolutionary platform that natively connects business core with Big Data, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence with business and social networks in real-time ventures.

SAP Business One application used worldwide, offers an affordable way to manage the small and midsize business from sales, CRM to all Finance operations. Where it acts as timely information to drive enterprise growth to streamline various company’s business processes.

SAP Business ByDesign is a scalable cloud-based ERP designed to engage all SMEs and large-scale enterprises. Where a business can adopt a solution that helps for the growth of the business in a single application with real-time and common data transparency across all the departments of the business.

SAP Cloud for a Customers software solution is designed mainly to provide solutions for consumers. C4C is a distinct application providing service to purchasers in more than 15 languages promoting a user-friendly environment. SAP HANA is a platform on which the cloud for customers is being engaged.

iNexus Cloud ERP helps to gain control and handle all the business needs with a single powerful solution. Still, SMEs are facing many complex data and facing challenges through the use of multiple data systems, iNexus helps to move on with the growing and most trusted business software with the single ERP system.

The web apps help with ease and speed up the development of Web applications by kick-start your web journey by giving you the technical knowledge needed for Web apps. It contains many feature-rich controls which help in implementing the award-winning customer experience.

SAP Customized Add-Ons

SAP Add-Ons helps to create a custom solution which helps to meet the exact industry-specific requirements of the business. Add-Ons are collections of innovative businesses that answer to problems diplomatically solve complex issues with better integration, visibility, and control. It’s an engagement for the business to operate enterprise transparency offering enhancements in the applications with the customer requirements from the client.

  • Simplify the complex process for growth
  • Drive business with profitability
  • Completely agile, effective, and responsive

Why are SAP Solutions of Indus Best for your Business?

Designed and priced for fast-growing businesses, SAP solutions are smart and updated ERP software that manages crucial business processes like logistics, finance, procurement, sales accounting, human resources, customer relationship management, and so on. Within the customized in-built solution, the software helps reduce errors, confusion and delays, which occur on using legacy software and Excel sheets.

So, it helps in bringing high visibility for your business along with enhancing the cash balance visibility and sales performance dramatically with SAP solutions. In addition, it is equipped to fit the needs and budgets of your organization. Other than this, it eliminates 80% of the overhead IT costs using the cloud ERP solution.

Probably, Indus Novateur is the most popular SAP Gold Partner in Bangalore with a team of experts who make your projects, migration and implementation journeys render an output that meets your business. When it comes to SAP Partner in Bangalore, we are the only destination and a certified partner.SAP solutions even had the efficiencies to manage financials, supply chain, inventory, purchasing, CRM and many more. The advanced operations, growth potential, and insightful reporting dashboards of SAP solutions helped most companies in Bangalore to accomplish more profitability.

  • Makes your business run at an affordable and scalable price.
  • Better decision-making through gaining real-time insights.
  • Boycotts manual work and makes use of staff’s timing for own tasks.
  • Single ERP software that helps in managing your complete business operations.

In Bangalore, Indus Novateur is the best SAP Partner

Bangalore City stands for an important part of the economy of India as a whole because of the frequent industrial transformation. For this reason, ERP software is essential for this city, which plays a major role in rendering the best ERP solution to ensure business development.

On the other hand, Bangalore has diverse manufacturers from different industries. It indulges industries like food, aerospace, retail, automotive, consumer goods, and healthcare. Indus Novateur can even offer customized SAP solutions and specific add-ons depending on industry-specific standards and requirements.

What are the Benefits of SAP Solutions for Your Business?

SAP ERP solution for small and medium businesses renders entire operational visibility and overall control over the complete business operations. In addition, it delivers the needs to manage your vital business areas through a single solution, unlike accounting packages or spreadsheets. 

Utilize the SAP solutions in-built analytics and Business Intelligence effectiveness. In this way, you can analyze things to correct for reaching the goals.

  1. Internal Audit – Ensure quicker internal audit by implementing strong internal controls.
  2. Organizational Flexibility – Keep your workspace engaged with the help of increased organizational flexibility.
  3. Customer Experience –  SAP solutions can render personal, trusted, and connected customer experiences.
  4. Business Capability – It helps in getting real-time business insights and improves business capability.
  5. Innovation – Accelerates constant innovation through consolidated business and technology platforms.

Indus - SAP Partner in Bangalore Offers Services like

Indus Novateur offers an end-to-end SAP solution in Bangalore with a wide range of solutions that indulge

License Procurement & Installation

Make proper investment decisions on license procurement and installation as we render advanced ERP solutions in Bangalore and feature everything about the license you have, how you can use them and everything related.

Implementation & Customization

We are one of the recognized SAP Gold partners in Bangalore, we manage all aspects of SAP software starting from SQL to HANA. Additionally, it involves some detailed evaluation, planning, application development, and data migration, along with an accurate test to go live and support.

SAP Solutions SQL to HANA migration

Being the recommended SAP Partner in Bangalore, it manages all aspects of the software from SQL to HANA. Additionally, it involves some detailed evaluation, planning, application development, and data migration, along with an accurate test to go live and support.

Add-ons Development

Our firm renders more SAP solutions and services to different industries such as WhatsApp integration, plant maintenance and so on.


Generally, it is easy to upgrade to the latest version of SAP solutions seamlessly. Further, you can move safety to the current version through the SAP upgrade services.

Cloud Hosting Services

We offer cloud hosting along with managed services for keeping your business applications and IT infrastructure up and running on the cloud. We even offer an innovative cloud hosting service that helps in meeting the unique needs of customers and remains cost-effective.

Training and Documentation

Increase the return on your investment with the help of SAP solutions. Moreover, you can get all the necessary support and training to start using the smart software without any intricacy. We even offer expert ERP solutions in Bangalore that meet all types of business requirements.


We support you 24*7 via our dedicated portal for handling all your queries and requests. We render you with critical business support and proper guidance to keep your business application running smoothly.

Why Indus Novateur: Characterizing a fruitful task

Indus has formulated to empower our group to finish execution extends in the best and proficient way.

  1. Recognize venture goals and convey them.
  2. Spotless and open correspondence channels.
  3. Oversee customer desires.
  4. Control and oversee hierarchical progress.
  5. Detail hazards and recommendations.
  6. Equalization client needs with Indus aptitude.
  7. Comprehend an organization’s way of life.

Indus Novateur Highlights

There are four characterized stages to finish extends after the underlying deals handover. So what would you be able to expect each phase of the procedure?


Adapting to the industry-specific needs of each customer and offer comprehensive customized solutions.


With quality services, We engage to involve to the maximum and work with the corporate commitment to develop a long-term relationship with business effectiveness and efficiency with the team.

Customer orientation

Design project models according to demands from customers and able to satisfy their business needs.

Technological Orientation

Fundamental to set maximum measurable goals and objectives which helps to ensure a forward way and growth in each project.


More than 17 years of providing cutting-edge innovative digital technological solutions.


High command in research and development, designing products and services that best suit the changing business trends.

The ongoing effort to achieve a center of excellence in every business service we create.

Find Right Solution For Your Industry

Industry specific requirements will be identified by our expertise to recommend best practices of SAP Solutions. We have a wide range of
various vertical customers spread across the globe.
Textile & Garments
Foundry & Casting
Feed & Poultry
Health Care
Professional Service
Textile & Garments
Foundry & Casting
Feed & Poultry
Health Care
Professional Service

Recent Feedback

By enabling digital management, we have seen improvements that stagger the imagination: from paper to online, closings in an hour instead of a business week. It’s good we’re mobile now too. We’re rolling

Indus is a trusted partner of SAP. We are confident that SAP service is going to help us bring our operations to the next level of excellence and help us serve customers better

We needed an IT core that could keep pace with our expanding and changing business needs. Partnering with Indus Novateur to deploy SAP Business One was the right choice

Indus has built an IT infrastructure that can respond quickly with SAP S/4HANA. We have improved profitability analysis and work efficiency by vehicle type and laid the foundation for dealing with a rapidly changing environment as a global company in the future

We needed an IT core that could keep pace with our expanding and changing business needs. Partnering with Indus to deploy SAP S/4HANA was the right choice