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Cyber Security

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Indus Novateur has successfully provided cyber security services to clients all around the world.

Expanding threat perimeters are occurring in the digital world as a result of rising cloud use and continuously changing cyber attacks. The goal of cyber defense is now proactive risk mitigation rather than compliance assurance.

Cloud & Infrastructure Security

Privacy is important for organizations, the cloud computing infrastructure will be able support the storing of sensitive information without making organizations liable from breaking privacy regulations.

IOT Security

Such a wide application of IoT systems requires organizations to pay precise attention to security. Our Extreme Automation solution helps in testing all possible combinations of sensors and devices from Edge to Cloud.

Enterprise Security

In order to fulfill rigid security protocols, we implement a structured enterprise-wide vulnerability management framework, which combined automated scans and manual testing processes for all applications.

Data Privacy & Protection

Internet usage has been increasing over the years, and with it the risks within organizations continue to increase. Our service protects critical business data from unwanted access and mishandling, and protects against data deletion, ransomware and theft.

Identify & Access Management

Identity & Access Management is an indispensable part of overall IT security. Our solutions enable organizations to ensure greater control of user access by identifying, authenticating, and authorizing users, while prohibiting unauthorized ones.

Why Cyber Security for Business?

Businesses that want to protect their digital assets must start planning for it early in the transformation process. A secure-by-design solution can give companies the tools they need to defend against sophisticated attacks and promote rapid and efficient growth.

  • Protect business against cyberattacks and data breaches.
  • Protection for data and networks.
  • Improve recovery time after a breach.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Business continuity.
  • Enhanced Data Management
  • Logical Access Control

Bridging the gap between
IT infrastructure security &
SAP security.

  • Identify


  • Protect


  • Detect


  • Respond


  • Recover