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ERP Solution For Foundry & Casting Industry

Foundry industries concerned with the production of metal castings in different shapes and sizes adopt SAP technology to automate entity processes, profound with changes according to increasing demands for products. Technical aspects of metal fabrication are sort out by our renowned solution. It optimizes the workflow of the organization in a consistent style without any breaks and errors.

The integrated software package supports to attain profit and also suited for small and large scale enterprises. Implementation of the SAP system reduces your stress in effectively managing business operations.

Features of SAP for Foundry & Casting Industry

Integrated System

Entire business processes are managed under a single solution of SAP. Integrated technology groups together ideal processes of the industry so as to have effective administration.


These industry-specific applications are affordable to several ranges of industries. Small scale industries can also adopt this technology to rationalize their procedure in ordered format enhancing business opportunities.

Sales Force Automation

The configured solution keeps track of furnished products in such a way that automates the sales process according to demand in the market. This process also leads to having demand-based production adding business values.

Production Planning

Metal alloy-based production planning happens effortlessly by using SAP. From procurement of raw materials, deciding of type of casting to be made, etc are done under a single structure.

Operational Control

Automated solution grants control over every process in an industry. Complete details from any of the departments can be obtained within a moment to analyze production status with ease.

Customer Satisfaction

In-built CRM application available assists users to solve customer queries with ease. Improved beneficial activities from the sales team happen through direct communication with customers increasing sales orders.

What does Foundry Industry Get Through SAP?

Metal casting requires different alloys for distinct metals. An automated SAP system helps you to pick out correct alloys for production.

  • The revolution towards automation aptly makes use of SAP to track and monitor valuable assets and processes prevailing in your concern.
  • Production is smoothly carried out with the use of our integrated solution. Batch-wise ordering and completion transit peacefully.
  • Analysis on the requirement of raw materials and type of cast to be done as per clients request is automatically noted allowing delivery of right products.
  • Financial statements on purchase and selling of materials are recognized regularly thereby inspection of profit/loss goes flexibly.
  • Mapping of production process generates budget and other expenses enclosed easily forming metal casting to move in a sequential approach.
  • Planning and Scheduling of manufacturing are directly done thereby yielding qualified metal meeting standardization.
  • The ratio of the number of metals to be used for casting is noted with our system. It avoids wastage of raw materials increasing efficiency.

SAP gives following welfare to Foundry Industry

  • Acts as a foundation on which foundry grows towards higher positions increasing competition among similar companies.
  • Supply chain management tracking constitutes them to be aware of customers and their requirements enhancing the trading process.
  • Risk in the market competition gets resolved certainly increasing the efficiency of casting industries.
  • Quality testing is made for every stage. Individuality products are given to customers satisfying their obligations.
  • Notifications/alerts given during critical situation helps you to safeguard resources since the workload is concerned to work on fire.