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SAP ERP for Foundry & Casting Industry Solutions

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SAP For Foundry & Casting Industries

  • The metal casting industry produces various shapes and sizes of metal products. By utilizing SAP technology, Foundry industries can automate their processes and adapt to changes in product demand.
  • Our renowned solution takes care of the technical aspects involved in metallic fabrication. It ensures a smooth workflow for businesses without any interruptions or errors. With an integrated software package, it helps both small and large-scale corporations accomplish profits.
  • The utilization of SAP technology alleviates your burden in managing business operations efficiently.  

Features of Foundry Industry

  • New Product Development (Estimation working, approval, alerts, end to end development process and control, bulk product conversion and approval)
  • Production planning (Algorithm built  based on Customer delivery date, Melting capacity (Considered Grade), Molding capacity, Pattern, Common Boxes etc.,)
  • Automat Heat code generation with logic
  • Master of charge calculation
  • Patterns and Match plate matching masters
  • Communicated Daily plan to respective departments through mobile application
  • Shop floor production, Quality process are recorded through mobile application
  • Spectrometer values integrated with SAP
  • Seamless ISO documents
  • MTC, UT, Micro structure & All related Test certificates
  • Weighment integration and more features are available

Discover Add-ons that are Customized to Suit the Requirements of your Industry

Sales management & CRM

Advanced planning & scheduling


Production Planning & Control

Materials Management

Inventory Control

Service processing

Financial accounting & controlling

Business Intelligence & analytics

Multi-company accounting


Barcode/QR code labeling

Document Management

High-performance logistics

Business process management

Project management

Mobile processes

Manufacturing execution

Mobile App Features

  • Amazing User Interface (UI)
  • User-focused
  • Easy usage
  • Adaptive
  • High performance
  • High security
  • Notification
  • Regular updates
  • Support for Android and ios
  • Feedback and contact with instant support
  • Customization option

Web App Features

  • Order placement and management
  • Statement access and online payments
  • Supporting high-load volumes
  • Accessing on desktop and mobile devices
  • Easily embedded into company websites
  • Credit memos and deliveries
  • Read/write & custom style options
  • 24/7 self-service access
  • Visibility over transactional information
  • Scalable IT licensing option
  • High level of customer satisfaction
  • Lesser internal email traffic for source information.

Prepared for the Future through Seamless Integration of Advanced Technologies

The incorporation of advanced technologies within the Digital Enterprise lineup facilitates intelligent utilization of data, thereby facilitating the next phase of industrial digital transformation – the amalgamation of information technology and operational technology.

  • Computing industrial edge
  • Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality
  • Industrial Mobile Computing
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Cloud-based operating system