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Low Code Overview

Adopting Low-code platforms in business is the trend in digital transformation. Low code is a rapid application development platform for software development. Unlike traditional app development, Low-code automates workflows and builds applications with a maximum degree of freedom. Business professionals are accepting these platforms to create software applications and minimizing the demand for highly skilled software professionals and accelerates business operations. Using a low-code platform, powerful technologies such as hyper-automation and artificial intelligence can be  applied without extensive development  skills, making this goal easier to achieve.

Features of Low Code

Customer Experiences

Process Automation

Application Modernization

Case Management

Field Services

Business Process Management

An integrated SAP system
with low code

By using a low-code platform, it is possible to develop mobile or web applications
that integrate seamlessly with the SAP platform and complement it fully.


Faster transformation

As compared to traditional methods, developing an application on a no-code platform can be up to 10 times faster.

Enhanced agility

With a no-code platform, your developers are able to design and deploy applications quickly, enhancing their agility.

Reduced costs

As a result of low-code development, hiring costs are reduced and there is a reduction in the need for more developers.

Greater Productivity

Low-code development allows more apps to be built in less time, so what once took months now takes hours, or even minutes.

Better Customer Experience

The low-code development process allows organizations to adapt quickly to changing market conditions or customer requirements.