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Production of Granite involves more processes, maintenance of those stays to be essential. Raw material purchase to production and delivery of products to customers has to be monitored in order to have efficient functioning of business activities.

Integration of SAP Software allows managing complete entities in a technology platform allowing functionalities to move out without any flaws. Both commercial and domestic usage-based granite production is split and maintained avoiding confusions leading to produce products according to the customer’s desire.



Stone manufacturing industries are concerned with the production of quality materials to trademark their product among competitors. SAP helps to achieve this scenario.


Processing of activities inside your organisation goes in a sequential manner with the use of SAP technology thereby making the production lifecycle to occur without confusions.


Monitoring of stockpiles allows doing a proper supply of products based on demands. Efficient Warehouse management results in planning and production.


A case study for the Granite sector explains how our solution automates business functionalities by overriding manual processing with time-saving options to bring out effective administration.


  • Project scheduling optimization happens by using SAP solutions prompting delivery of products at right time.
  • Monitoring of resources analyses need for raw materials and purchased for the production process.
  • Machinery used by industry are monitored 24/7 and reported so that service and repairing timing are noted easily.
  • Flexible system tracks and monitors employee’s performance enabling business owners to view it from anywhere and at any time.
  • The addition of desirable specification for handling business process exists through unified addons developed for them.
  • Quality products are produced through regular monitoring and controlling the production process.
  • Maintenance of sales and purchase of products are maintained in the system to frame the budget accordingly.


  • The customized system gives quick access to entities of industrial operations obtaining get a clear idea about all departments of the company.
  • Affordable solution to allocate resources based on the priority of projects in the queue.
  • Real-time visibility towards business operations makes a system to behave properly in order to produce forceful granite products.
  • Scheduling of manufacturing process gives alerts and notifications for every time period to complete the task at right time.
  • The automated system looks after business transactions like sales of a product, purchase of raw materials, machinery etc so that analyzing cash flow becomes easier.


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