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ERP Solution For Textile & Garments Industry

Textiles and Garments industries are concerned with the design and production of clothes, silks, wool, cotton, etc. Production and distribution of clothing materials stand as an important task for fabric industries. Implementation of SAP helps in managing industrial operations effectively.  It provides a single integrated workflow through a software package at affordable pricing. The complete organizational process goes in an automated approach thereby avoiding manual errors.

The integrated solution solves business challenges in a unique format.  Our technology streamlines the consistent process in a modern way leading to gain high profit. The optimized tool focuses on giving out trait results for certain functionalities from finance, sales, marketing, and production to delivery and also for enhancing healthy customer relationships.

Features of SAP for Textile & Garment Industry

Efficient Designing

SAP for Textile and Garments makes the designing process simple. From sample generation, finalizing patterns and scheduling are held under a single structure.

Inventory Management

Material Management turns simple through SAP. Instant access to the warehouse keeps item details up to date saving time on the stock monitoring.

Flexible Scheduling

Multilevel scheduling processed through an automated software package enables WIP tracking on batches and its costing is planned based on capacity.

View Order Status

Tracking of order status is available in SAP. Consumption of raw materials to its stipulated production is observed so that estimation of completion time occurs easily.

Budget Framing

An order-based budget framed through a highly scalable solution estimates the cost of production for every batch so that the production process goes without any breaks.


Collaborated with end-to-end functionalities produces automatic reports to be obtained by concerned authorities without errors and data redundancy.

Manual Difficulties Faced by Industry

  • The configured application allows a distinct way of managing the production process. Consumption of components and assets gets tracked, monitored, and reported.
  • Material Management in the warehouse is done through the SAP system, based on which production and handling of clothing materials become a simple task. The exact location of goods is tracked through item codes generated.
  • Adjustment of the production process occurs in accordance with urgent requirements and orders from clients. It notes process level by level for rendering timely delivery.
  • Financial statements produced guides to do Budget Framing on production and selling cost of furnished clothing.
  • Finished product packaging is managed through a labeling system fed into barcode and RFID scanning process making identification of products simpler.
  • Quotation maintenance from request for an order to its acceptance/rejection is handled effectively through our solution.
  • Payments to suppliers, vendors, and traders are tracked correctly to predict the financial accounting flow of the organization.


  • Integrated SAP streamlines business processes to trigger production processes for having timely delivery of finished products to customers.
  • Effective planning helps to analyze the consumption of materials accurately so that designing to production goes in a fine manner.
  • Details are flawlessly maintained in the system avoiding errors and redundancy of data. The predominant platform helps to increase the proficiency of the organization.
  • The accounting system takes care of financially related processes like order placement to its delivery. Budget enclosing becomes clear since reports are made for every transaction.
  • The requirement of raw materials gets noted and is acquired instantly. The continuous monitoring option analyses its flow for individual fabrications.
  • Strong customer relationship identifies demands and corresponding feedback. Details are maintained effectively in a secured manner.
  • Strong customer relationProduction planning made from the capacity of machines tackles the production process leading to give out quality products at the receiver end.ship identifies demands and corresponding feedback. Details are maintained effectively in a secured manner.