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Customized ERP Solutions For Textile Industry

Textiles and Garments industries are concerned with the design and production of clothes, silks, wool, cotton, etc. Production and distribution of clothing materials stand as an important task for fabric industries. Implementation of SAP helps in managing industrial operations effectively.  It provides a single integrated workflow through a software package at affordable pricing. The complete organizational process goes in an automated approach thereby avoiding manual errors.

The integrated solution solves business challenges in a unique format.  Our technology streamlines the consistent process in a modern way leading to gain high profit. The optimized tool focuses on giving out trait results for certain functionalities from finance, sales, marketing, and production to delivery and also for enhancing healthy customer relationships.

Features of SAP for Textile & Garment Industry

Make To Order

Goods are specially rendered for the client's order and then shipped through the distribution center. Generally, cutting and sewing take place in the same manufacturing facility.

Cut & Sew in Separate Plants

Goods are offered based on forecast or particular customer order, where cutting and sewing takes place in different manufacturing facilities. Forecast quantities are taken only when customers place orders.

Subcontracting Partial Quantity to Vendor

Goods are manufactured for a certain customer's order partially in-house and the balance is subcontracted for manufacturing and delivery to a third-party vendor.

Production Status Report

Generating production status report online along with up-to-date data from SAP and eliminating the manual collection of data.

Sale for Export Model

Determines the good transactions between the manufacturer and the vendor, which comes out of the vendor’s markup, meanwhile, it lowers the value of goods and the amount payable.

Critical Path Manager

Being interactive in managing Time & Action calendar depends on the color-coded traffic mechanism to ensure the timeliness of critical activities. Helping in minimizing delays through automatic updates.

Pre-Order Cost Manager

The interactive tool generally facilitates pre-order costing of an article to predict if a style is profitable before accepting an order.

Fashion Quality Management

Mobile applications are mainly designed for helping manufacturers effectively to manage quality control processes, which even gain real-time visibility through quality audits and manage the works of quality inspectors.

Master Data Accelerator

Comfortable, fast, and accurate to maintain large fashion master data, along with proper authorization for each department, leverage integrated data from existing systems.

Sales Order Upload Automation

Automated creation for sales orders depends on clients' data via bulk upload functionality: cooperation with OCR scanning and ensuring interface to end customer order system.

Bundle Barcode Scanning

Barcode creation and allocation for production kit bundles are given with track protection of scanning barcodes and recording quality per bundle.

Integrated Solution

Data integration for several departments is managed and avoids duplication. Further, pre and post-production costing mechanism permits to render the exact price and tracks the gains on every order.


  • Along with end-to-end ERP ensuring integrated make-to-stock and make-to-order production
  • Seamless transfer over customer-specific requirements for production/procurement
  • Spinning and recording over lot-wise production along with capturing ring frame certain production data
  • Depends on Yam composition splitting and merging of spinning lot
  • Recording and analysis with stoppage
  • Effective and user-friendly stock allocation along with availing inventory

Warping & Weaving

  • Loom visibility through beam fall reporting
  • Optimized creel – for package calculation depending on no. of end requirements
  • Start preparatory activities ensure visibility of yarn inventories, production, and procurement status.
  • Selecting reading-based order confirmations
  • Reed’s planning & management
  • Mending: recording and analyzing the running lengthwise defect


  • Doing dye-lot creation for clubbing with the same shade of materials in different colors and sizes
  • Making job card creations by ensuring all details of dyes, chemicals, fabric etc
  • Dye-lot confirmation, dyes & chemical composition
  • Ensuring dye-lot work center load visibility along with further planning details
  • Tracking all the consumption and SFG production
  • In the case of the RFC enabling dyeing machines, it makes automatic dye-lot confirmation


    • Depending on the type of look, shade category, and other control parameters, it ensures finishing lot control and selection
    • During the finishing operations, merging and splitting of pieces
  • Recording and analyzing integrated length-wise defect
  • Automated cutting activities

Significant Features of Web & Mobile Application

Time Reporting

Mobile time card entry for immediate updates on business from anywhere, at any time.


Review and complete approvals for time, expenses, and sales mainly to order in just a few clicks.

Task Management

Create some task/event using Indus mobile/web app and later edit it through the Customer Management Suite.

Cost Effective

It is simply downloading the app through the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Mobile/Web Push Notification

For Indus mobile app users, the notifications of business events are pushed. For example, this feature is simply used for notifying salespeople regarding new opportunities.

Navigation Tabs

Users can easily navigate to the most used detail lists by tapping or swiping the required tab on the mobile form.

Real-Time Access

Connecting to real-time - where you have access to up-to-date information.

Automatic Synchronization

Changes done in the mobile app are updated and synched over the Indus web automatically.

Mobile Device Integration

Ensure the unique capabilities of your mobile device indulges the camera and fingerprint reader

Delivering More Styles Exceeding Beyond Expectations of Textile and Fashion Customers

  • Integrating your business with ERP
  • Tracking orders via the web and mobile app
  • Creating customer portals
  • Custom data management
  • Customer reporting systems
  • Point-of-sale(POS)