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We can assist you in transforming your industry into an Intelligent Enterprise. Examine how you can redefine the client expertise, fulfill a level change in productivity, and stimulate the entire workforce’s responsibility to deliver game-switching results.

SAP S/4 HANA solution was developed to cater to an in-memory solution for large-scale business enterprises according to their industrial requirements. This personalized and customized system can be installed into a system quickly and cost-effectively based on best business practices. Implementation of this solution consults business management that smooth functioning of business gets processed through the HANA database.

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SAP Business ByDesign is a unique Customer Relationship Software solution developed to assist the organization with digital cloud technology. This application gives information about the organization’s various activities to the customers on which they can analyze the availability of their desired products. SAP Business ByDesign Solution builds trust among the customers in accessing required information. Details of customers are maintained in a separate private/ public cloud log so that only authorized professionals can view their data efficiently.

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SAP B1 business management software is used to integrate activities of small and mid-sized enterprises. This two-tier client-server architectural model covers business processing with a common database avoiding data duplication. Instant access to required data is possible in the SAP Business One software system since it supports changing business trends. Faster decision-making is possible with this system through which response to requested data is done efficiently.

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SAP Cloud for a Customers software solution is designed mainly to provide solutions for consumers. C4C is a distinct application providing service to purchasers in more than 15 languages promoting a user-friendly environment. SAP HANA is a platform on which the cloud for customers is being engaged. Integration of simplified solutions by organizations helps to provide enriched service to buyers allowing them to establish long-term relationships with your company.

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SAP Success factors simplify several strategies for HR departments, ensuring robust retention on maintaining organizational culture. It aligns the workforce in an organization through flexible tools available for meeting objectives and goals within the determined time period. Employee engagement in every phase gets simplified by introducing best-supporting tools that take care of needs specified by them. With the implementation of this solution, complete business operations could be streamlined enabling HR team members to note down in and out activities occurring at the enterprise delivering the highest results that exactly match the global requirements of an organization.

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Manage e-commerce operations of your organization comfortably through a cloud-based SAP Ariba B2B market solution. It is very much effective for buying and selling products online with appropriate catalogs published by suppliers for the products they are selling. Business transactions on ordering, buying, and paying for products are handled effortlessly by implementing digitized supply chain solutions.

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Multichannel e-commerce companies can handled effectively through SAP Hybris technology. Redefine your customer service through Omnichannel selling of goods and services, grabbing the attention of a large group target audience. Getting closer to your customer through these strategies allows sales service managers to have flexibility in delivering the growing needs of current trends. Cloud CRM portfolio gives several guidelines to engage among consumers in the best way resulting in flawless execution for an attractive customer experience perspective.

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Customized Addons

Indus Novateur offers a wide range of SAP Business One add-ons for industries through which their business functionalities operated efficiently. We develop industry-specific add-ons for companies using SAP Business One. Add-ons created in order to serve our wide range of customers. The proper analysis of projects is done before it is delivered to clients.

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Modules of SAP ERP


Campaign management on various products of the company is done through SAP solutions. The marketing team collaborates easily with customers through mobile apps and social media to reach target customers


Selling industrial commodities to customers is involved in the sales process happens through well-established customer relationships. SAP CRM Solution allows customers to access and order products at any time and from any location


Management of details about the purchase of raw materials, machinery, etc.. are formatted under the purchase module. Integrated with every functional processing of industry so that requirement for the need of materials can be gathered and purchased

Inventory Management

Maintenance of available stocks in the industry detected with this solution. It helps to analyze sales orders through which goods moving out of the warehouse are recorded.

Material Management

Track of available raw materials and assets in the organization are maintained with this system. Purchase and material management are interlinked so that the procurement process in an organization can be carried out consistently


From planning to scheduling, allocation and completion of production according to requirements quoted by clients are processed under the production module. It takes care of the production process to be completed within budget so that supply chain processing can be easily done.

Testing Product Quality

Verifying whether specified quality determinations are met. This system takes care of all components through which product specifications are correctly met

Human Resource Management

Gathering and monitoring details of employee attendance, payroll, etc., is done automatically. This system supports employees in sharing information through which they can be aware of events occurring in their company.

Customer Relationship Management

Details, queries, and sales processes of customers are maintained in a separate log. Interaction, accessing, and assistance granted to customers are maintained in this system

Indus and SAP

Indus Novateur with SAP, We support our clients to automate everyday tasks, build stronger relationships among their customers, and achieve more with less. Find right-sized means and approaches, created especially for growing enterprises.

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The most reliable business software fits today’s requirements and supports future growth without expensive integration. SAP is identified as a Head over its portfolio, so you don’t have to negotiate.

SAP Gold Partner

We are an Authorized SAP Gold Partner, continuously involved in developing innovative technologies that meet the specified demands of Industrial sectors.
Engineering Best Practices provided by us make your company tackle challenging situations in a simplified manner. We deliver SAP Enterprise application for End to End administration of the organization in an integrated format since Customer-Centric Core Solutions are developed in a unique manner making business processes handled in an automated way.