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ERP Solution For Trading & Distribution Industry

Trading industries concerned with selling and buying products in exchange for goods and money. Inventory management and transferring it to retail shops and customers is the major practice behind trading.  The rationally growing industry of the era requires a software pattern to automate the process. Integration of SAP solution does tracking and management of inventories in a simplified approach.

Processes associated include stock maintenance, account management, managing Bill on Materials (BOM), report generation on sales process etc.  SAP ERP provides flexibility for efficiently managing several challenges.  It allows you to directly communicate with customers to enhance business deals.

Features of SAP for Trading & Distribution Industry

Expedite Time to Value

Standardized solution for trading industries manipulates end to end business operations uniquely to manage a wide range of products from varied industries comfortably with time-saving criteria.

Supply Chain Processing

Trading industries are often profound with problems during the supply of products to end customers. Usage of SAP solution rectifies these difficulties through efficient tracking.

Fastens Sales Process

Obtaining the quotation, confirming it and producing order to suppliers are managed with a single solution so that an increase in the sales process gets happened without confusions.

Material Mangament

Since trading industries are grouped with more number materials it supports to maintain stock details accurately. Based on the info provided wastage of materials is greatly avoided.

Bill on Materials

Processing of bill for every product is recorded under software solution to make use of it any time it is required for analyzing sales and purchase operations is useful for analyzing expenditure spent on materials.

Customer Reationship

On-time delivery of products to customers through automation paves the way to obtain more number of customers towards your trading concern eventually adding business values.

Solutions to Trading & Distribution

  • Inventories management through automated system control and organize the flow of materials ordered by consumers.
  • Online commerce solution takes care of varied processes from ordering to delivery of products. Tracking and documentation are made simple.
  • Assets of organizations are tracked and monitored 24/7. The integrated method adds safety and security to valuable resources of concern.
  • The augmented solution maintains cash flow management so that finance and accounting handling becomes effective.
  • Trading companies are offered with a large number of customers and partners. Efficient processing of their details done through predominant database management system providing instant access to required information.
  • Vendors will be able to maintain stock availability. It guides to order products with concerned industries at right time.
  • Reports on financial statements stored in the activity log can be utilized to do the auditing process on profit and loss.
  • Queries and status of customers ordered products are continuously updated and responded to by end-users of the marketing department.


  • Commerce concerns are allowed to powerfully track and audit varied sales process prevailing online and offline without any confusion.
  • The transaction process from confirmation of order to its delivery is updated frequently. It provides complete visibility across product management so as to distribute quality service to customers.
  • SAP solutions deployed and maintained by industrial users get updated information on changing demands accurately in order to alter production accordingly.
  • Business based mobile applications allow us to have healthy interaction among organisational employees and also with customers.
  • The inventory management system allows us to do tracking of demand. Demand-based generation is made possible by persuading price quotation distinctly earning profit to your concern.