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Heavy Equipment Tracking System

Heavy Equipment Tracking System

Indus Novateur is an esteemed solution provider to track and monitor heavy equipment of organisation through GPS technology. Tracer for monitoring and management provides a unified solution since it is specifically designed for fleets with heavy machinery. Our solution used to monitor various operations of your belongings that may be fixed or movable.

A remote monitoring system records and monitors every individual action of a resource certainly improving efficiency. An automated system gives a live report about your properties inducing an increase in productivity. Tracking of tasks associated with resources is controlled from remote locations thereby reconstructing business standards.

Features of Heavy Equipment Tracking System

Engine Hours Logging

Total running hours of equipment engine can be tracked by using digitalized GPS solution. It delivers information like a number of hours worked, production output through it etc updated.

Inventory Management

A number of inventories available in an organization can be managed through this GPS technology. Stock availability tracking to do sales processing in order to effectively increasing your standards.

PTO Event Tracking

Tracking of overall output obtained through equipment can be tracked and recorded by using GPS. Events completed by it across certain time period aids to analyze its capability quite easily.


Based on demand for the organisational product its usage can be processed. Efficient utilization of assets happens by proper scheduling and utilization of idle assets to meet market demands.


GPS sensors send notifications to concerned representatives during the occurrence of a change in event. If any irregularities are found with equipment then alerts are generated to avoid loss of an asset.

Satellite Coverage

Global Positioning System which is adopted for heavy equipment tracking like trucks monitors their activities through satellite coverage. More than 24 satellites revolving around the globe tell information updated.


Industrial managers realize tracking and collecting utilization information is a critical process to ensure proper maintenance. Main challenges include,

  • Fragments machine’s Location.
  • Logging Engine Run Hours to ensure timely maintenance services.
  • Protecting machines from theft and misuse.
  • Managing a fleet with a huge load is a difficult task.
  • The configured system gives out real-time analytics eventually streamlining liability activities.


The tracer gives out a solution to monitor and track valuable resources of an organization paving the way to optimize its usage.

  • Our device monitors a particular unit of the machine on which it is being fixed. A reliable system delivers accurate information to end-users.
  • The web-based solution delivers information like Location Reports, Maintenance Reminders, Utilization recordsHistory Logs, and more.


Where it is used?

Industries working with heavy machinery and vehicles can utilize this software integrated GPS solution to monitor their types of machinery and fleets.

  • Transportation industries.
  • Construction companies.
  • Manufacturing sectors.
  • Commercial trading enterprises etc.

Key Factors

  • Remote ON/OFF operations.
  • Reports on the machine’s daily working hours.
  • Generate utilization report.
  • Mobile Tracking.
  • Fuel level monitoring.
  • Location monitoring system.

Working Methodology

Remote tracking system starts doing its operations as soon as sensors are fixed into machinery to be tracked. Software solution gives various details like location, moving speed, RPM rate, etc to a host system for user viewing. Based on issued information allotment of tasks is decided thereby increasing productivity. Smart structure continuously monitors utilities in such a way as retrieving real-time information.


Ensure Safety

More valuable reserve maintenance stands at the prior position. Since resources are located far away from the work location, the integration of the booming system ensures their safety. Surveillance is activated 24/7 greatly reducing fraudulent activities

Job Allocation

The reliable solution gives all details accurately enhancing decisions on job allocation. Capacity relayed job load is sustained to increase productivity.


Simple and cost-effective to be used by industries. It just requires a GPS system to be installed into the domain for capturing complete operations. Overall cost /expenditure spent get reduced with the installation of our device.

User Interface

Designing is user-friendly such that it attracts users to easily view every information related to their belongings even from a remote location. They do not have to worry about assets placed far away from their surveillance.


Automated technology monitors the working model and it helps to easily analyze benefits and disadvantages. Total working time period, who utilized resource, does it require any service, etc is predicted and decided to avoid dis-orders.


  • User-friendly interface avoids illegal/unauthorized activities associated with your asset rising its performance.
  • Timely reports produced helps concerned authorities to look at the process handled and its revenue can be audited to balance income and revenue occurring.
  • Augmented Productivity and efficiency, since it monitors the total acquiring time period for every day.
  • If any disorder or accidents occur, the GPS system analyses and predict the reason why it had happened in order to claim accurate cost for repairing.
  • The ready-fit system completely tracks process drawing alarm/notifications during critical situations to enable easy recovery.
  • Reports generated are available on individual equipment and not as a whole so that concentration towards a particular asset made possible.