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Vehicle Tracking System

VehicleTracking System

Vehicle Tracking System is used to control, monitor and manage activities of fleets. The web-based solution gives real-time visibility to its managers around clock, acting as an anti-theft agent. Vehicle tracking software provides details like geographic location, speed, driver performance, fuel level, idle time and more to enhance fleet maintenance. Intelligent technology combines relevant data and sends them to a centralised web server.  Business authorities can view & access information on personal computers, handheld devices whenever they are in need of it. The adoption of an automated system lowers the overall maintenance cost associated with automobiles in your industry.

Real-time monitoring activated by a GPS Vehicle tracking system allows you to do efficient planning and scheduling of operations. 24/7 security to assets prevails, thereby preventing illegal activities. Remote tracking operations grant full control to concerned supervisors such that assigning trips becomes easier. Reporting functionality provides up to date records on operational performance like distance travelled, duration of idling, driver behaviour etc.. allowing to take decisive actions could be derived. Implementation of this affordable option greatly minimizes operational cost spent by your organization.

Features of Vehicle Tracking System

Real Time Tracking

Live info on the fleet is continuously provided by GPS. The web-based solution facilitates fleet managers to stay updated on activities like current location, when it reaches a destination, time is taken etc.

GPS Tracking App

Real-time tracking of vehicles from remote locale happens through our GPS Apps. It delivers details like location, driver behaviour, historical & recent activity report, stoppages etc through satellite signals.

Historical Activity Reporting

The user-Friendly system provides reports on fleet performance. Historical information like distance covered per day, number of stoppages, fuel utilization etc will be produced to analyze the economy spent on it.


Dispatching of products to customers at the right timing happens through GPS solution. Scheduling and planning of trips prompt to deliver commodities on time increasing sales opportunity.

Notification & Alerts

SMS/e-mail is sent to concerned representatives during critical situations like accidents, breakdown, navigation out of geo-fencing, unauthorized activities etc so that timely decisions can be taken.

Route Optimization

Expansion on vehicle usage occurs through a GPS system. Navigation provided by it is shortest to reach the destination. By using this, unwanted routing can be avoided eventually reducing time and effort.

What does GPS Tracking System do?

The working method is very simple to be taken up by users. GPS structure collaborates with 24 satellites revolving around the globe to capture the information requested.  Radio waves and signals are being used to broadcast details to the host server. The digitalized device finds the location of an entity irrespective of its location. Route optimizations are also enabled by using our Tracer. Global Positioning platform, therefore, leads to having simple and effective utilization of your vehicles.


  • Innovative technology tracks and monitors events combined with asset’s movement with a potential internet connection. The live trailing process makes its handling simple.
  • Both historical and current updates on your trucks operations can be obtained accurately. Details of journey, miles covered and many more are listed in downloadable formats.
  • Tracer consists of geofencing capability which marks areas to be travelled. If the fleet moves out of those places then alerts are triggered.
  • Notifications through SMS or email facility are available in our software. Alerts are delivered for various scenarios like speeding, fuel control, harsh driving, trip cancellation, etc in order to stay updated.
  • Better communication between operator and managers occurs through efficient use of the latest technology avoiding misconceptions.
  • The optimized product gives live updates about the current scenario through which efficiency and productivity yield from automobiles get increased.
  • Reliable element leads to deliver products to end customers on time thereby maximizing the sales process of your industry.
  • Manage and correlate activities using mobile apps propelling you stay at the top in knowing what’s happening to the renowned resources of a firm.
  • Elimination of manual processing removes errors and communication gap between concerned representatives and also helps to abide by rules and regulations.
  • Reduces maintenance costs as prior alerts are triggered during service timings eventually avoiding the occurrence of accidents.
  • Digital sensors encrypted with our unified component analyses fuel level exactly. It makes note of filling and refilling time period to audit economy spent on that resource ultimately avoiding theft practices.


  • Saves time and money on complete fleet maintenance of your company.
  • Playback on the route travelled per day makes the obvious calculation of miles.
  • Increased safety and security to drivers and also vehicles.
  • Performance of drivers is recorded composing rate easier.
  • Observation of temperature of reefer also gets enabled.
  • Navigation shown by it aids to reach the destination within a shorter time period.
  • The internet-based system does not need any investment in IT.
  • Immobilization of automobiles is also made possible with Tracer.
  • The Voice mailing option allows delivering the right information at the right timing.
  • Multiple vehicles monitoring at the same time is possible with GPS.
  • Life cycle cost validating goes uncomplicated.
  • Time and distance travelled on each trip are reported.
  • Customization of alerts/ notification receiving according to user preferences.


  • Asset’s health inspection every day.
  • Battery power checking to analyse working condition.
  • Detects extreme braking and rigid driving.
  • Speed auditing and controlling remotely.
  • Irrespective of size, it can be indulged into all automobiles like car, van, trucks, and many more in order to have an eye on them 24/7.