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Generator Tracking System

Generator Tracking System

Generator Tracking System from Indus solves your emphasis on managing Gensets placed far away from the work station. It has become an important asset in every organization as it is the only source to provide electricity during power fluctuations. Proper maintenance would lead to having a long life for alternators.  A Tracer system through GPS is a cost-effective solution for backup power inspection.

The automated solution gives direct access to operational and diagnostic information of diversified dynamos of a firm and provides up-to-minute information about the location and status of it to make well-informed decision improving efficiency and reduction on maintenance costs. Various details while it is functioning and at idle state are send to receiver end and 24/7 surveillance could be achieved. Organizational authorities can operate even from remote locale obtaining efficient processing.

Features of Generator Tracking System

Remote ON/OFF

GPS Enabled Genset tracking system is a wireless technology that can be operated from remote locations. During power fluctuations, it can be turned ON and off easily through mobile and PC.


Live and historic reports on Genset functionalities are provided through GPS Solution. The online system collects every detail and sends customized reports to audit its activities.

Reduce Risk On Failure

Since generators are deployed without individual manpower to assist its activity failure happens frequently. Installation of GPS solution gives live updates to certainly reduce the risk involved in the breakdown.

Track Fuel Level

Availability of fuel is important to run generators. Efficient tracking of these resources is done in real-time through which a gradual decrease gets noted and also avoids fraud activities.

Monitors For 24/7

Availability of fuel is important to run generators. Efficient tracking of these resources is done in real-time through which a gradual decrease gets noted and also avoids fraud activities.


GPS sensor sends alarms and notifications during critical situations like repair, draining of fuel, irregularities in other associated parts so that reconstruction of those gets happened at the right timing.


Generators must be monitored to ensure optimal performance. Portable equipment is particularly difficult to observe since it is frequently moved. Key challenges include,

  • Tracking of its Location.
  • Logging each asset’s Engine Run-Hours to ensure timely maintenance services.
  • Detecting Faults and effective response to each defect event.
  • Maintaining Usage Logs to satisfy regulatory agencies.
  • Monitoring activities are placed far away from the organizational work area.

Can you do with Remote Generator Tracking?

  • Monitor Health and Readiness: Access common parameters like Oil pressure, engine temperature, battery voltage, power output, diesel levels, engine run time and engine RPM.
  • Remote Operation and Control: Start and stop your generator in the field from any location can be done by the respective authorities.
  • Alarm Management: Receive alarm and notification when the fuel level reaches a preset level or an event on the attempt for fuel theft occurs. Direct alarms are sent to grant timely service to concerned personnel via SMS or email through which they get an idea of what is actually happening
  • Generator Fleet Management: Manage large-scale rental fleets with in-built GPS functionality. Track the current position of a fleet containing a generator in real-time.
  • Remote Configuration Of Controllers: configured remote monitoring system gives up to date information about the inverter in such a way that it leads to having proper maintenance.

How does it works?

GPS sensors are attached to electrical converters to be tracked and observed. Wireless technology senses details in a unique way, it gives every detail like functioning status, total hours it runs, fuel level, etc to host server integrated to receive information. Adoption of digital system uses, satellite-based communication prompting real-time information obtained by concerned business representatives. Reports on functioning are equipped for a pre-determined time period in order to take decisive actions at the right timing.


Real-Time Tracking

The digitalized solution gives reliable results on the overall functioning of Genset. Remote operating capability is available in the GPS system. It helps to deliver proper power supply continuously building working process does not stop thereby increasing productivity.


Global Positioning solution helps to analyze total working hours, accurate level of fuel, temperature prevailing inside equipment, engine performance etc, facilitating proper maintenance.

Adds Security

Since generators are placed far away there is no prior security for assets. When sensors are attached, it gives security for dynamic systems in such a way authorized activities get avoided.

Monitors Fuel Status

The digitalized solution analyses fuel status 24/7 avoiding theft. As fuel is an important source, proper maintenance stands as an essential process. When fuel level goes down to predefined criteria, notifications are sent to concerned authorities simplifying the refilling process.


It does not require any investment in infrastructure for setup as only sensors have to be fixed. A large number of gensets is easily and effectively monitored by the organization.