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SAP Cloud For Customer

SAP Cloud For Customer

SAP Cloud for a Customers software solution is designed mainly to provide solutions for consumers. C4C is a distinct application providing service to purchasers in more than 15 languages promoting a user-friendly environment. 

SAP HANA is a platform on which the cloud for customers is being engaged. Integration of simplified solutions by organizations helps to provide enriched service to buyers allowing them to establish long-term relationships with your company. Our software helps to engage in effective service to prospects thereby promoting pride of enterprise.

Phenomenal Service to Customers

Customer satisfaction on the purchase of industrial products gets created through our SAP Cloud for Customers.

Complete Solution

CRM application completely looks after customer-related processing and is said to be C4C. A robust solution designed uniquely to enhance the sales process in an organization.

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based data processing consists of three components as sales, service, and social media to engage closely with customers for increasing business deals.

User Experience

Real-time data analytics enhances the user experience in the processing of user requests like availability of stocks, company profile, and purchase operations.


The user-centric app provides convenient access to increase sales. Multitasks on campaigning, order conforming, etc.. are integrated so that it proportionally increases productivity according to demand.

Mobile Apps

C4C mobile applications are available for customers to make them feel comfortable in purchasing products. This app allows rendering service even to remote customers enriching sales productivity.


Automated reports on customer activities get generated resulting in optimal performance of the industry. These reports help sales representatives to analyze sales records to reach target people correctly.


  • It is a full-featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to guide them at present and also allow for growth in the future.
  • An automated system gives your salespeople the right tool to grow your concern.  ERP CRM system benefits both clients and organizations by clear visibility of functional operations.
  • A user-centric system allows one to have an idea of what organizations should do regarding their requirements.
  • Today most industries are focused on providing a solution that satisfies their consumers. Solution built on SAP software makes it happen with less effort.
  • Industries like textiles, construction, software, manufacturing industries, machinery, etc have to interact with shoppers to sell their finished goods.

Our branches across Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, and Mumbai in India provide customized software solutions to maintain a good relationship with patrons.



User-centric experience drives increased adoption and more effective selling. C4C system engages with the purchaser in a unique way making clients stick on particular concerns to continue sales transactions.


The qualified solution promotes easy access to information on various systems and acknowledges your sales teams, social networks, and online sources enabling high-quality customer interactions at a faster speed. It finally connects all users in the traditional CRM system.


Accurate information and analyses enable you to focus on the right things to optimize performance. The flexible and scalable solution extends day-to-day operations to sell out products from any locale.


  • Competitively priced, cloud subscriptions make it easy to expand your user community to include everyone who impacts deals.
  • Digital system interacts effectively with sales community via reasonably priced software system.

User Friendly

UI system tracks and monitors real-time sales performance with in-built dashboards. End users would be able to grasp the exact status of their ordered products from placement of orders to delivery with clear visibility.


Readily available reports are used to track sales cycles, profit/loss, revenue, and competitive trends so that concerned authorities can plan a unique method to increase productivity to yield high revenue.


Information stored in Cloud infrastructure is maintained with high security. Details of prospects are protected from third-party intruders.


Quick Access

Cloud for Customers delivers fast access to details needed by the installation of a software system. Effective functionality provides priority values based on which essential details can be easily accessed.

Mobile Applications

CRM mobile apps are available on C4C to support users to access distinct details on various products of the organization at any time and from any locale. Integration of software system gives out enhanced experience to access information available on cloud premise.

Social Engagement

The digital solution provides business opportunities to interact and gather information through social media like email customizing the sales force to move on in an organized format thereby increasing sales marketing and services of related products.


Implementation of the system provides the facility to recover lost details easily. If data under the local disk gets lost, the cloud platform will have data readily available making smooth recovery of information.


The software system enables automatic reporting features making stock availability analyzed. The automated system also reports various activities carried out by the sales team with customers so that higher authorities of an organization can view those details to improve customer-related services.