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Oil & Gas Industry

ERP Solution For Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas industries fulfilling energy needs supplies products on increasing demands and challenges in the market, regulated with large investments on the manufacturing of upstream, downstream oil and gas products. Products like crude oil, petroleum products, oil tankers, natural gas etc.. are produced according to customer demand.

Implementation of SAP plays a significant role in maintaining overall functional activities of industries catering to best practices on standards. It helps to manage overall functional activities deriving operational excellence.

Features of SAP for Oil & Gas Industry

Capacity Based Planning

The real-time business solution offers to do capacity-based planning through which efficient production outputs could be obtained on available resource eventually cutting down the irrelevant cost.

Equipment Maintenance

The machinery of concern is actively monitored 24/7 through SAP Software. Proper functioning is noted accurately on a daily basis so that repairing cost gets reduced.

Procurement Management

Business practice solution offers a solution to acquire products that are required for production based on available stock in the warehouse making process to continue without breaks.

Single Solution

Usage of SAP Solution greatly eliminates multiple software packages to operate enterprise functionalities as this solution integrates every operation under a single structure adding business values.

Adapts to Change

Efficient business management solution gets adapted to a changing scenario since this feature makes the user-friendly approach to use the software solution for long term obtaining efficient administration.

Saves Time

Automation solution provides reports on every transaction so that manual processing on updating info gets reduced. By doing so, also saves time on accessing essential information.


  • Efficient handling of functional modules evaluates raw materials required accordingly to manipulate production planning.
  • Handling inventories of an organization happens efficiently allowing tracking of stock reconciliation effortlessly.
  • Financial statements on sales and purchase of products and other industrial requirements are carefully updated in a system so that processing of cash flow management appears with ease.
  • Framing of the budget according to the estimated production plan occurs in order to produce quality products adding value to your organisation.
  • The SAP software solution is affordable and it is best suited for small and large scale industries to come up in a competitive environment.
  • Integrated Enterprise software solution does not need expertise technical professional to access information all time.
  • Business intelligence application makes project management to be effectively handled in the oil and gas industries. the automated process leads to an increase in sales.


  • Deployment of software package avoids data redundancy so that the handling of information is efficiently processed.
  • Outline on what should be done is designed during initialization of the project, guiding to schedule project operations respectively.
  • Internal stock monitoring helps to analyse the production and purchase of essential raw materials, subsequently, the manufacturing process continues without any break.
  • Real-time visibility towards the production of materials is tracked to accomplish quality pre-check during every stage in order to release qualified products.
  • The stock localization process helps business authorities to locate their stock without manual searching, enriching procurement.
  • Reporting feature gives complete details on business transactions like accounts, financial statements, production, marketing, sales etc.