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ERP Solution For Food Process Industry

Food process industries are growing day by day with the presence of more number of customers. Demand for food products is increasing for which quality product production stands as an ultimate process. The powerful solution offered by SAP helps you to manufacture trait food products tackling business challenges. The key process from manufacturing to distribution gets combined under a single system.

Specific requirements of industry are fulfilled to do enterprise operation efficiently. Profit is gradually increased by tracking and monitoring all essential functions related to the production process. SAP solution simply means it does more on available resources to handle in a technically automated methodology.

Features of SAP for Food Process Industry

Purchase Operations

The requirement of raw materials is an important scene in the food industry. Integration of SAP looks after details related purchase of essential ingredients that are scaled for varied recipes.

Make Formulations Easier

The seamless solution contains updations about every recipe such that calculating the number of ingredients to be added for every item becomes easier paving way for delivering quality products.

Increased Visibility

The automated solution gives out clear visibility towards each and every operation such that planning and processing of food products become easier without manual intervention.

Discount Management

Integrated solution supports to identify customer needs through updations on most sold products so that plans can be made to provide discount rates for increasing sales scenario.

Resource Based Production

The user-friendly solution makes the production process based on available resources so that the manufacturing process goes through better planning on capabilities optimizing workload.

Quality Checks

Delivering quality products stands as an important aspect of the food processing industries. Conversion of raw materials into food products are monitored continuously so that quality products will be produced.

Entities of Food Industry

  • Recipes are most important in the food processing industries. The correct formulation of ingredients gives out a tasty product. Integration of technical software solution gives details on the correct ratio for every recipe.
  • SAP allows scheduling product management so that production gets completed at right time. The satisfaction of customers is greatly met by using a software package.
  • Planning on required materials is effectively done to increase productivity for earning high revenue.
  • Active handling of warehouse identifies inventories easier so as to have better maintenance on materials required.
  • Location of products is tracked and monitored through the barcode system attached to every food item making analysation of exact raw materials required.
  • Better planning of resources goes effectively in which it gives clear visibility towards the production process thereby interpreting current business trends.
  • Scrap and co-products are managed effectively since they are very much essential in producing quality food.
  • Data are collected on essential activities and documents on every product production are maintained separately in a database system.


  • Supply chain from vendors to distributors and customers are tracked enabling clear visibility towards sales activities.
  • From item production to packaging and delivery along with stock management monitoring happens automatedly with SAP solution.
  • Food products are to be produced in accordance with government rules and regulations from processing to package and delivery that trademark its quality standard.
  • Workflow and cash flow systems synchronization according to demands in a competitive business market comes into scenario modulating pride of organisation.
  • SAP-integrated system identifies current trends based on feedback received from customers allowing them to prepare recipes according to consumer’s tastes and preferences.
  • Financial statements are tracked and reported to help the maintenance of balance sheet reports for framing monthly and annual reports.