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School Bus Tracking System

School Bus Tracking System

School Bus Tracking System ensures the safety and security of children boarding to school that stands as prior responsibility for parents. Transporting students safely is a vital factor to be considered by the institution. Introduction of GPS solution helps schools and their associate operators to increase safety and security to their children who are boarding into the bus. Integration of the Tracer system stands as a great solution in safeguarding pupil and effectively managing operations associated with the vehicle.

It reduces the pressure of the organization in ensuring the safety of their kids. The customized solution gives real-time visibility towards complete activities for concerned representatives as well as for parents. It optimizes routes, ensure inspection compliance and make data-driven decisions. Automated monitoring helps to have better maintenance and also renders timely service.

Features of School Bus Tracking System

Live Location

The live location of school buses will be delivered to parents and institutions. Entire details on the movement of the fleet are provided in real-time through a customised GPS solution to stay updated.


Real-time monitoring on school bus gets happened through this automated solution. Monitoring location travelled, number of students in bus, fuel level, etc can be noted by fleet managers.

Running Status

The exact running status of a school bus is made visible to institutions and parents. The web-based solution caters for details like speed, ongoing route, driver habitat etc updated through GPS application.

Driving Route Optimization

GPS solution schedules directions in such a way that streamlines activities on the route. Optimized solution navigates better so that it informs on change of routes accurately during certain situations.


Installation of GPS solution into fleet enriches safety of children travelling by bus. Alerts / Notifications are released to end-users during emergency situations so as to render timely service.

Pickup Location & Pickup Time

Waiting time of parents and children can be reduced by using this solution. Since the GPS system gives notification prior to reaching a particular location on-time pick up of students gets evolved.


A highly personalized system is designed to work in active methodology updating about fleet at remote locations. The GPS service system is fixed with a vehicle to be monitored. The main concept behind our process is to give out proper guidance during emergency situations like break down, accidents etc.. happening quite often. The technological system gives alerts and notifications to parents and school institution like location, SMS during pickup and drop of children etc.. enabling efficient management.

Why Choose us?

  • The comprehensive solution helps the institution to be in a dominant position among technologically advanced academies.
  • Conversion towards the smart system of GPS tracking technology allows granting enhanced safety to your students.
  • Efficient management of fleet resources occurs with the installation of our system. User interface pattern simplifies and leads to having better maintenance improving regularity via automated GPS.
  • Regular monitoring permits complete visibility across enhancing the safe transportation of children.
  • Frequent transmission of details to a central host system helps to have complete details easily and also provided permission to access from any locale.


  • GPS system contributes to determining the performance of the fleet from remote locations. Due to real-time data, the efficiency of managing could be raised. It is an optimized system that collects details and reports processes prompting an increase in actions related to safety measures for a pupil.
  • Time management greatly increased with our famed GPS Tracer. Reports on activity are automatically recorded reducing paperwork and errors, through which drivers and managers will be free from collecting data.
  • RFID system integrated with students ID card does processing of attendance once if a student gets into the bus.
  • Performance of drivers could be increased. Strategies of the driver could be analysed thereby assisting them to increase driving practice.
  • It frames the working pattern in such a way following rules and regulations of government in ensuring the safety of children during travel.

Benefits For Parents

  • They receive instant notifications and alerts once when their kid gets into the school bus so they stay updated on occurring events.
  • Once when a student is dropped at an educational locality a notification will be sent to respective members in order to grant acknowledgement.
  • If a particular student gets into the wrong transport or when they get down at the wrong junction parents gets notification regarding the issue.
  • If students are dropped at the exact location messages are sent to respective people in order to stay updated even if they are not at the home.
  • Parents are given the privilege to look at information related to their child’s bus whenever they are in need of, with internet connectivity.

Benefits For Drivers

  • Drivers who are entirely responsible for students to stay alert.
  • The use of a GPS system helps them to improvise their driving habitats.
  • Alerts are sent on whom they should pick up/drop on going route.
  • During emergency situations, they can get timely help from the institution.
  • Speed and harsh driving could be eliminated avoiding accidents.

Benefits for School Organisation

  • Moving towards the digitalized system adds fame and name to the school.
  • Fleet management and performance of drivers are measured and rated easily.
  • Reports on overall distance travelled help them analyze several operations.
  • Geo-fencing system available gives alerts to school management if wrong routes are taken by drivers.
  • A primary cause of ensuring the safety of your school children can be attained through our GPS system.


Increase Safety

  • The real-time system gives complete details with updated information like location, speed, driving habitats etc to ensure safety.
  • The analytical technique gives messages for registered mobile regarding actual arriving time neglecting waiting time.

Tracking Experts

  • Access extensive details like vehicle performance, location data, remote diagnosis, stoppages, and open-door events etc.
  • Route optimization and planning takes place efficiently, leading to facilitate on-time pickup and drop services.

Alerts and Notifications

  • Attendance with Pick-up and Drop SMS to concerned representatives. Once when a student boards in and gets down from it, the message is sent to a registered phone number of parents and organisation.
  • If any of the scholars get into the wrong bus or dropped at an irrelevant location message would be sent, avoiding missing them.
  • Emergency Management on over-speeding alerts is made for improvising driving patterns to ensure safe travelling.

Route Optimization

  • It is a distinct process in which efficient routes saving time gets analysed. The optimal procedure says which student has to be picked up/ dropped at an upcoming junction so as to deliver timely service.
  • If there is a problem in the ongoing route then alerts could be made regarding a change of route enriching security.


  • Since monitoring of automobile occurs in real-time unnecessary idling, over speed, exact status etc analysation exists thereby avoiding irregular cost spent on it.
  • A cost-effective system that fits the budget of every institution is considered to be an anti-theft agent since it takes care of assets over longer-term thereby reducing the amount spent on them.